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Ultimate Freedom Network

If you’re on this page right now then most likely you are a potential, current or past CopyMeMillionaire.Com member. We are always glad to serve you as our customer and give you the best! We have finally decided it’s time to take our company to newer heights and do bigger things so we have decided to close CopyMeMillionaire.

We know the training has helped change many lives and businesses and we are proud of it’s accomplishments over the years. With CopyMeMillionaire.Com being retired something BIGGER and BETTER is in the horizon by the name of Ultimate Freedom Network. This will be of the same concept of our previous business but up-to-date training and better systems for you as an entrepreneur.

We will also have a compensation plan for you as an affiliate of this company that’s nothing shy of amazing! ¬†Our expected launch date is August 15th 2014. With that being said, if you’re a current customer of CopyMeMillionaire and would like to cancel your subscription please email us at:

Lastly, check back with us here when it’s close to launch day so that you may signup!